Hi All

There is a great knife product that some members may have seen before.., it's the OutDoor Edge "Zip Blade", basically this is a fixed blade knife (with sheath) which has the curved blade as found on the Swingblaze or EKA type of knife.

Not only is this a ideal product for minimizing stomach puncture when graloching it is useful as a "legging Knife" - when skinning up the inside haunch the tip can be pushed under the skin and pushed upwards without digging into the haunch meat beneath.

Our syndicate have been field testing the Zip Blade over the last few weeks and reckon it is a useful piece of kit to carry in the roe sack & accompany one's favourite knife, also it is a far cheaper option to buying a swingblade product.

We currently have this in the classified section at a very competative price along with a value added line.