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Thread: blaser 6.5x55

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    Blaser 6.5x55 long range sporter

    Attachment 16539Attachment 16540Attachment 16541Attachment 16544Attachment 16545Attachment 16546pro match for sale fluted match barrel with ase mod and 30 mm saddle mount 1600.00 ono as new.
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    Hi ive pm'd you.


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    Hi 1KEVB,
    is this a 93 or an 8?

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    blaser r93

    Hi Pete, the rifle is a r93, blaser call it their Long Range Sporter, or pro- match. it has the match barrel and the pro stock.
    please see the pictures i have now added, many thanks Kev
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    Hi Kev,

    Nice rifle ! How old is it and how many rounds has it fired.

    Many Thanks


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    Hi Nick i bought it new in 2007, it has shot about 200 rounds, it realy is a great rifle.

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    needs to go 1550 ono

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    Would you sell the mount on its own? If so drop me a pm.

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    Hi 1KEVb, how many shots has it had through it? is their any ammo with it?


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    it has had less than 200 rounds fired, i have 20 rws hollow pionts, 18 loaded 100 gr nosler bt's,unloaded bullets 150 100g bt's (brown deer bullets) 50 nosler 120 g bt's,150 ish speer 120g soft points &100 95g hornady v-max bullets 50 cases and dies all the above to be included in asking price. many thanks Kev
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