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Thread: Scope for HMR17?

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    Scope for HMR17?

    I'm changing scopes about and am left with a Leupold VX-3 3.5x10x50 which is a bit expensive to put on an HMR17.

    Any recommendations for a scope to put on the HMR17 please?

    Regards David

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    Why is the Leupold too expensive to put on a HMR?

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    Quote Originally Posted by daw View Post
    am left with a Leupold VX-3 3.5x10x50 which is a bit expensive to put on an HMR17.
    ??? I would maybe like a bit higher mag on a 17 but not a cheaper one!
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    I use a Zeiss Duralyt 3-12x50 on my Anschutz, excellent combination

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    Send it to me, and I'll send you a cheap nikon that you won't mind putting on an hmr


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    I had a leupold on my rimmy for about 5 years i would"t worry about the price of it. after all it the scope that makes the rifle

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    +1 for Zeiss Duralyt, have one on my Sako Quad - fantastic combo and easy to change for the different barrels

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    Check out south York shooting supplies (rimfire magic) they have some cheap hmr specified scopes in,not too shabby either,+1 on Hornet6 if you want to do a deal!
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    i have a 50 3-9x56IR Walther on mine! works a charm.
    I took the 700 Leupold off for exactly the same reason! now sits on my .243

    I agree to a point but think people get waaaaay to bogged down on the bling and not the bang.
    its a rimfire after all and despite the fact that you may look at something at 200+yds 90% will be at plnking 50-150yds

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    i have a 1980's nikko stirling platinum 4/12x50,

    cracking scope with great glass, also used to have a zeiss on mine until money got tight and i wanted a new 20 tactical, again a cracking scope,

    the only 2 issues i have with leupold scopes is the old ones do NOT have fast eyeball focus rings, and i do like them on my scopes, and the eye relief is pants unless your shooting a big recoil rifles,

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