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    Drinks Chiller

    I have a drinks chiller which works fine for roe but a recent fallow has bent my 'heath robinson' hanging system beyond recognition. I am now hoping someone can suggest a stronger hanging system, can I go through the sides and bolt a carrier for a 2" rod or through the top to suspend a hook - if so - how?

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    Hi Tony, you can normally go through the sides but it is important to make sure the holes are well sealed. If you don't moisture tends to build up between the insulation and the paneling which not only reduces the fridges efficiency but can start to form mould.


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    If the compressor is in the base you can go through the roof and use a brace to distribute the weight.

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    Just be careful there is no pipework or wires where you intend to drill...

    When the Deer-UK site was up and working, they had a pic of a drinks chiller with a homemade external frame..It was made of metal, but there is no reason you couldn't make it out of wood.

    The main thing is that weight is transfered to the external frame, not just the walls or roof of the chiller, otherwise theres a chance over time they will buckle/distort under the weight...



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    I had a conversation with Johnathon at stones dog day ,!!His idea so credit where due, an internal support frame with a relevant rod accross to support the weight , saves any drilling at all , I picked one up the other week 20. I use the slide in trays doubled up for the moment and they take about 70/80 lbs failing the hanging system i distribute weight by taking haunches off and shoulder's off .I have started to hang my stuff skinned and covered with muslin roll which i got from MOTOR FACTORS
    about 7.00 a roll its the dogs for fly protection if you dont have a chiller,
    chilled is chilled though whether whole or in bits.
    Regards Trapper

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    Its not a good ideal to drill holes in the sides etc, been there done that etc, A free standing frame is best which can be used out of the chiller as well for hanging a variety of game and even drying clothes if needed!

    I have a qty of hanging frames suitable for the double door drinks chiller, if any one interested please PM with internal chiller dims, or early next week i will post dims of my standard ones.

    they will take approx 110lbs(fallow bucks) as long as you have enough room in the chiller, if not remove shoulders and hang up on another hook.

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    My previous drinks chiller, and now my double doored foster chiller both have a 40mm stainless tube across them. I've had more than 10 deer on them with no bending at all. I drilled with a 40mm hole cutter all the way through one side and just the inside skin of the other side. Stuck a bolt through to stop it moving back out and then sealed with a good silicone sealant all round at each end. Works perfect. The tube is quite thick guage metal. I would avoid solid bars as they bend more than a decent hollow tube.

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    monkey , how do you rate your fosters fridge ? ive been offered a single door one for 350 delivered !

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