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Thread: I believe this could land one in trouble.

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    I believe this could land one in trouble.

    This year the garden has been getting really hammered by Waskerly Wabbits with the help of the opppertunist hares that live about. Mother had two Red Acers that had been in pots and got a bit too big and needed either re-pottign into larger pots or into the garden itself we chose to put them into a new bed made to cover the mole ravaged lawn.

    Well the Wabbits with hare assistance have pruned every new shoot off them. If the Acers will survive is doubtful. Said Waskerly Wabbits are proving sneaky and staying out of air rifle range.

    Then to top it all there is a daft bugger of a Rook who is trying the fly though the double glazed unit in their bedroom. it makes an awful racket then flies "BANG" straight into the glass. This morning was no different so I got up got dressed and went out to the summer house to see if the air rifle could dissuade Mr/Mrs Rook for doing so. Sitting there waiting for things to quieten down after my walk up and unlocking the door when I hear a bit of a commotion behind the summer house them a plaintive squeeking. So out I go to see what is going on and oh deary me The big ol soppy dog has caught himself this 3/4 grown leverret:-

    Big soppy dog.

    Yes I let two of the dogs out with me to wander the garden and our field out back.

    The young Hare was still alive when I made him let go but damaged beyond repair to a knock on the head and it was over.

    Now how does one stop a dog from doing what come naturally.. i.e hunting for his own dinner? he wears a collar which has a tinkling tag and is probably over fed but this one has always been a bugger for catching things. When he was younger he would more often than not take at least half a dozen young Woodies a year. Catching the poor blighters as they lifted off even jumping into the air to do so. Even Wrens he caught as well as Blackbirds. In fact we wonder if he was a cat in a former life!!!! . Earlier this year he caught a Wabbit in the grass on the field and now this young hare.

    If he was a cat all the protection league would defending him saying t'is only natural instinct but he is a dreadful dog so he is possibly breaking the law by hunting on his own. I was seated on the settee in the summer house.

    Oh I suppose due to the commotion the Rook did not return this morning so I suppose I shall have to try and dissuade the Rook tomorrow morning.

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    nice dog pal,played for and got i think.if birds and hares are stupid enough to let a dog that size get close thats there problem.and i suspect your dog is going to do what he likes weather you like it or not.

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    Brit you need to be careful here I hope you were not planning on shooting the rooks otherwise you would of helped the police build thier case against you by adding wildlife crime to the list of charges against you.

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    The term is dissuade, frighten/scare off not kill.

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    ok, now what the h3ll is wrong with shooting rooks?

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    I thought they were on the general license as well.


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    This is me stepping away from the contentious thread.

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    otherwise I've been breaking the law just about every weekend for the last 21 years of my life

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    Rooks are under the general licence!!!!

    You just can't sell them to a restaurant to eat.

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    You cant hunt with a dog by accident, proven in court I believe, so if you slipped the dog on the hare then you broken the law, if you were out walking the dog and the hare jumped up two foot infront of your dog and your dog nabbed it you haven't broken the law.

    Same as if you were flushing hares to a gun with your dog, if your dog catches a hare in the process of flushing it thats fine, if you go out with the intension of using the dog itself to catch hares thats not fine.


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