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Thread: Which Midge Head Net?

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    Which Midge Head Net?

    I was out stalking at the weekend and was eaten alive by the midges despite plastering myself with various creams and lotions. The only thing that gave me some respite was my head net but here comes the catch I couldn't see very well through it. Can anyone out there recommend a head net which keeps out the midges and still allows reasonable vision?Willie

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    In short, no, any midge net I have used has always come at a cost in terms of vision. The best way I have found is to use a full face veil with just eye cutouts in the lightest gauge fabric I could find. Even then on a hot day in the middle of summer its till gets a bit sweaty.

    I have noticed that the thermacell portable unit does make a difference but tbh even this become very limited when there is a decent breeze.

    I also used to find that I had less trouble with them when smoking however I dont think the potential health problems are worth it having now quit.

    Sorry to be of absolutely no help! They are right little b****rds!!

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    There is a bit of a catch 22 thing with head nets as the time you most need them tends to be about dusk when the wind dies back and, of course, the time you least need a reduction in vision is about dusk. There are some that have different coloured netting in front of your eyes which they claim helps but I suspect it doesn't make much difference as you still get a significant reduction in the light coming in.

    I would tend to use a head net when fishing as I don't depend so much on my vision. Of late I've been testing the Smidge anti midge stuff and have found it pretty effective despite having no joy with other potions. So, while I agree the head net is hard to beat, in fact it is the only thing that works all the time, I am now using the Smidge when stalking and I need my vision. Of course Smidge doesn't stop them flying into your eyes and things like that which often really annoys people.
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