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    RCBS Partner Press

    Hi Guys,

    I have decided to move my RCBS Partner press on. I bought it about 3 years ago and it was mounted on my reloading bench but when our second child was born I had to move my reloading gear and it got packed away. it has only ever been used for bullet seating as I have a rockchucker that I use for resizing. When I put it in the loft it was as new but sadly it has picked up a few rust spots whilst being up there (these will probably polish off but i'm just being honest). That said it's still in very good condition and will give years of service. It does not have the primer arm as I have never used one (prefering the Lee primer tool).
    I think these are about 90 new so i'd like 60 posted. if you are interested and would like to see some pictures, PM me your email adress and i'll send some via email.

    Cheers, Ezzy

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    Now sold pending usual.


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