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Thread: Good Taxidermist

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    Good Taxidermist

    I shot a pretty special fox last autumn and its been in the freezer ever since. Its one I definately want to either mount or have tanned into a sleeved, soft pelt. I think I better get it done soon cos it can't stay in the freezer forever, but if I go for a full mount then I really want it to look good. I've seen a few fox mounts that just don't look right and I don't want this one to turn out like that.

    So can anyone recommend a good taxidermist? I've never used one in the UK so don't want to pick one at random.
    I'm in Surrey so it would be handy to use someone in the south/east of England but I'm open to offers elsewhere.

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    Colin Dunton, William (Bill) Matthews, Paul Taylor or John Hallet in Wales

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    I can Higly recamend G J Knight Taxidermy in Essex if you google this name it will take you to his sight. A top taxidermist

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    Here in my opinion is one of the finest fox cases I have ever seen. It was done in the 1920's by Peter Spicer and Sons, and features a full painted background which blends into the groundwork. Simply Stunning work! If your fox ends up as good as that one you will have a fine mount.

    So here it is , The Coniston Dog Fox

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