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Thread: meindl desert fox

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    meindl desert fox

    got a pair of brand new meindls off fleabay for summer stalking /knocking about in 38 .i know they wont be w/proof but cant be bad at that price .
    anyone else tried a pair ?
    regards norma

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    If these are the mil issue ones Ive spent alot of time in them and they are very comfy.

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    got a pair off the bay too, cracking boots, no good at all in the wet.

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    Snap 18mnths ago,I think I paid around 38 also but are the old style.Typical meindls should have gone half size up but as they are summer use no need for thick socks.Quality boots bargain price.
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    yep military issue and i thought if the lads and lassies in combat zones wore em they would do me ,got a ten hope they stretch a bit too

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    They are great for a summer evening when the grass is dry, but forget the mornings when the dew is down as they will act like sponges!

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    berghause explorers at 80 will do you both mornings and evenings as are goretex lined. don't step in streams or boggy ground, but dew and light rain will still keep your feet dry...40 more saves you having to have two pairs...

    mind,,I tend to stalk in wellies 99% of the time tbh.

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    Got a pair from work a few years ago. Most comfortable boots i have worn.

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