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Thread: trail camera setting advise ??

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    trail camera setting advise ??

    Hi lads

    Ive just bought my first trail camera and im after some advise reguarding the settings, off you seasoned pros who use them.

    (1) what trigger interval between pictures do you use it says between 1 sec - 60 mins ??

    (2) its says it will take a picture then video what length would you set the video length 1-60 seconds ??

    (3) pir sensor high/medium/low ??

    (4) some say point the camera facing north so the sun doesnot affect the pictures in the day true ??



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    I'm by no means a 'seasoned' pro, and it probably depends on what camera you have as I'm sure they all have their quirks!

    For the record, I've not have any issues with my Bushnell on the following:

    (1) I've not opted for photos, just video, but I would consider your target when deciding trigger interval. I've had munties which stay in frame for about 15 seconds, and fallow which hung about for about 15 minutes!

    (2) I always set my videos for 60 seconds, I like to watch and see what the beasts get up to

    (3) always had mine on 'medium' and no perceived issues

    (4) I've heard same and have always tried to have the camera north facing if in an open area, no problems to date


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    hi 223
    i use the bushnell trophy cams and i found it worked best with
    pir sensor on low
    time between pics 1 second taking a 3 photo burst with every trigger
    it helps if you can keep leaves twigs etc out of very close proximity to the sensor to
    i also position mine higher up trees etc so camera is looking down at an angle as my camera emits a red glow off the leds at night and this has spooked deer
    i also find it better positioned looking along a deer run as opposed to across it as this increases chances of a better picture
    i hope this helps
    regards andy

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    It might be worthwhile taking a look on the US chasing game forum though be warned these folks are pretty anal about trail cameras and take it to a level beyond where any sane person needs to be:

    For self catering accommodation on the Isle of Lewis please visit:

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    What Ever you do
    Do not set it up on a feed bin with more than 3 pic settings
    I ended up with 776 pics and flat batteries
    500pics were of pheasants and squirrels coming to the said feeder
    As they sit there and feed nearly all day long
    Waiste of 500 pics taking up memory card space and also expensive in batteries

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    i did a similar thing when i first started using them i positioned it looking at a fallow rutting stand big mistake !
    got over a 1000 pics but of only around 15 deer lesson learnt i now position camera looking along deer paths aproaching areas eg rutting stands , feeders etc
    good pieces of kit that just need playing with but when you get it right they can be interesting and very usefull

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