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Thread: NGO Auction

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    NGO Auction

    lots of stalking lots :

    and some pretty good game shooting opportunites as well.......

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    Wright now I have spent most of next seasons tips on bidding on the fishing in the auction I will have to tell the wife she cant have that new, well anything really.

    As a full time keeper I support the work of the NGO fully so I urge you all to take a look at the stalking lots and make a bid (or any of them - I saw one for a butler for the day). You could shoot a medal Munty in Berkshire and a trophy CWD not to mention others.

    The NGO have helped me out on a couple of occations and they are run by keepers for keepers. Earlier this year I had cause to use thier free legal help line, which is direct to the lawers (nothing to do with shooting). They gave me free advice and were very supportive.

    Sorry to bang on about the NGO seeing as I am new to the forum but have a flutter and help them with the good work they are doing on buzzards, snaring, deer RTA's, firearms and generally raising the profile of keepers.

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    I have just bid on a trophy CWD stalk on the NGO auction.

    Lots of stalking on offer (even one from me).

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