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Thread: Fox live traps

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    Fox live traps

    Hi, anyone use these cagr traps with sucsess ? iam thinking of getting one and a bit confused as which are the best.

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    I have used a couple for the last year, but only managed to catch a slack handfull. Had more success with snares overall, but they can have their uses. They need to be hidden well and the smellier the bait the better.

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    To be really successful with cage traps they need to be in situ for a very long time, feed in and around them and keep the door fixed open then when the bait is being taken, set it. I have never had much luck with them in open field situations, but around pens, smallholdings with lots of wire netting, etc: they can work quite well. As I said before, like bait points they do need to be kept baited.
    The biggest problem round here is that you catch stripeys in them all the time and unless you have a srong trap they will wreck them!
    Cubs, when they first start hunting can be caught in cage traps or Larsens

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    used em to no good effect for foxs at all .caught more foxs in larsens than dedicated fox traps

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    Best catch I had was a fox that was cheeky enough to steal some dead rabbits out the back of my Ranger, parked on the drive with the back open. Put the trap in the back next to the dog crate ( which stank of wet dogs!), and caught it the following night. It was a fully grown vixen. That catch was worth the money I spent on the trap. The cheek of it! I was goingto use the rabbits for bait in the other trap that I had running elsewhere.

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    I have 2 from Solway feeders.

    not cheap but you get what you pay.....................

    I have caught loads in mine.........foxes ......cats.......buzzards.............and other things!

    Remember the traps are working for you 24/7

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    i keep one in the hen house , the chicken shed has 2 pop holes , one is open in the day for the hens then when the hens are shut in the pop hole with the trap behind is opened at night , you need a treadle opperated trap and put a board on top of it so it doesnt fill with chicken crap . Ive found they work best around farm yards

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    Last week on ITV there was a programme on the Royal family and its relationship to the countryside. One section featured the head game keeper at Broadlands.

    In this bit was a little section on a fox trap which was built into the fence of what appeared to be either a release pen or huge free range chicken run as there appeared to be a large cockrel in the shot. The keeper actually showed the viewer how thr treadle type trap worked and i think he coomented on how effecive it was catching 37 foxs a year.

    See if you can get it on catch up. Another point was the terrible unsafe rifle handling by this head keeper, he woldn't pass his DSC 1 in fact I have never seen such poor handling of a fire arm.


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    We catch quite a few a yearAnd use quite a few different designsAll are home made As for site placementThat is another issueAs on 2 sites I trap on they are mainly placed in open areasThe 3rd site the cage traps are covered and made to blend inBut in truth they can be hit or miss depending on the type of fox you are trying to catchHome made jobby based on my own designSame fox still alive and as you can see placed in the openBest bait I find is pigeon

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    Same trap , different day
    Check out the cable ties holding some parts of it together
    Why spend a fortune aye
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