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Thread: What a present!!

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    What a present!!

    It's my birthday today and so I had planned a meal of steak and chips. As I was about to pop the chips in the oven I looked out of the window and saw a roe doe in my orchard. My wife was with me and she suggested we add to our freezer

    I've a new rifle which has only seen time on the range getting zeroed and practising the shooting positions for my DSC1 which I am sitting this weekend. So I got out the 6.5x55(YES!) and went upstairs to the spare bedroom. Unfortunately it was hardly a conventional stalk!

    I ranged the doe at a 100m but because of the wire I've around the young trees to protect them from the deer I didn't have a clear shot. By the time she was clear I pinged her at 150m. Of course I was using that well known shooting rest of pillow over the window sill and was so was comfortable with the shot. The wife and kids were downstairs watching as I took the shot and the doe just rolled over. I was pleased that all the kids (3,5,7) wanted to come down to watch the gralloch and on inspection I had shot out the top of the heart. The youngest commented that she was "looking forward to roast deer at the weekend!"

    So a great way to christen the rifle, on my birthday, on my own smallholding and with the family watching. I'm also glad they saw a good example of a humane cull.

    Hopefully the DSC1 will go as smoothly.


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    Not exactly true but rumour has it that I only married my wife because when I was courting and was allowed to stay over I used to shoot Roe out of the bedroom window of my prospective in laws house!!
    I used to carry a .22 when I was courting in the country lanes and when I brought the girlfriend home I gave the prospective Father in law a rabbit as well as returning his daughter home in good time, I had to be up milking at five the next morning in those days!!

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    Well done Dave. Getting the family on side is always the hardest part. For years my wife has got onto me for shooting deer, she is happy enough to eat them of course. When I return off my travels I have talked her into coming out with me for a stalk.



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    new rifle

    Well done Dave

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    well done, wish I had 150 m orchard full of deer,might ruin your stalking ability though

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    Garden Roe

    Thats good work with the new rifle, I do get a few Roe in My garden also, last year a big Roe Buck showed up on the 1st of November!

    The Wife has banned me form shooting them in the garden though as she like to watch them on the lawn in the mornings-whilst I am out stalking elsewhere & drawing a blank!

    Regards Lee

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    Where are you doing your DSC1?

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    Ayrshire. You on the course with Chris Dalton as well?


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    That's brilliant Dave and reminds me of my child hood doing the same with the .22 rimfire.

    Yes the old pillow technique - the great debate is going to be down filled or synthetic? Down filled hangs nicely over the sill but doesn't allow much cushion effect on the sill bit. Also as your quarry moves is the window frame going to compromise the shot

    Great getting the family invloved aswell. My daughter is 5 and loves getting stuck in squeezing the heart and pocking eyes of things etc etc then sits down and tucks into what we have just shot and prepared etc

    Great one and many happy returns by the way.

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    well done dave,i was lucky enough to get my first deer in december with a member off the site,a nice red stag,my 5 year old daughter wants it everynight for dinner.she loves it.i got a nice roe in january but sadly i hadnt got any room in the freezer so didnt eat any of that one.

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