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Thread: full skull cleaning

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    full skull cleaning

    sorry if it's been covered before, but I usually do a long nose cut, which makes it easy to clean the heads..I've got a buck in the freezer I'd like to prepare as a full skull, as in jaws, etc. attached.

    how to go about it and get all the shj1ite out???

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    Long nose fishing type forceps; a good stick to stir the brains out (maybe something metal with a hook on it); some strong peroxide and a lot of time picking. If you want to keep it as a full cut the only awkward bits are inside the nostrils and brain cavity, everything else is just an extension of what you are already doing on the long nose cut.

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    Quote Originally Posted by flyfifer View Post
    pressure washer
    what, stick it up the nose and cover your face, then pull the trigger

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    I agree as well with the pressure water. Get an old pallet or something similar to lodge the antlers in after boiling, small hole into the skull where the spine one entered up the way. I would not suggest blasting too close at the nose as you may well break off small pieces of the bone if the washer is powerful.

    I used this method for the first time 3 years ago. What a difference! Yes, you do get a bit splattered, but it washes off! Not like the intereior of my mates pick-up which he parked 6' to the side of where I was doing this, with the windows down.

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    +2 on the pressure washer, did a munjac skull at college and we all did a bit with pliers, wire ect then got bored and got the pressure washer out took about five mins with the washer on it, as Jamross says go easy round the pointy end and keep your mouth closed and wear water proofs, but I found I could put the nozzle of the washer right into the nasal cavity and blow all the gunk out pretty easily with no damage to the nasal bones.

    Works a treat

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    Do you need to keep the bottom jaw in tact? It will come away after boiling and you will need to put it back and fix it in place.
    I use a pressure washer myself and as long as you are tactful around the nose area it does a great job and very quickly too.

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    I've never done one with the jaw still in, but a good tip with a skull is to keep the skin on while you boil it. The majority of the flesh stays attatched to the skin and peels straight off the bone when its cooked. The eyes also cook into a tight ball that is easily taken out, leaving a clean socket. You may need to cut a few places where everything is connected together, then there will be a lot less crap to pick off. The pressure washer does a good job of that.
    I also break/pull out the finer sinus type bones inside the nose to leave a hollow cavity.
    If the two delicate nasal bones get disconnected, just put them to one side and superglue them back in. You won't be able to see the glue.

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