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Thread: best pressie

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    best pressie

    ok, so my old mans 67th is coming up soon, but I need ideas for presents!!! this is the man that pretty much as everything, or can buy it if he doesn't already. mind, he's not materialistic at all, likes his 25 yr old tikka m65 swede and his wellies, loden and a reasonably simple life..

    what have you been given that you really appreciated that was a bit 'off the beaten track', or have given to someone that really went down well?

    xmas was a leather bolt case, but still sitting in the cupboard (probably always will) LOL!

    any intriguing ideas?

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    Got home from college the other week to be presented with a stained glass painting of my two dogs that my Mrs had done for me, absolutly brilliant thing to be given, well I thought so any way

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    Never forget my 18th.....waiting for me at home was an Abu mk5 all England match tip fishing rod and an Abu 506 close face reel.....I was like a dog with two......ears

    Thinking to the future and reaching 67 I think something I would remember would be my first box of tenapads
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    National trust membership gives free access to some lovely places and more than that...... a reason to get out and visit them! Bought it for my parents years ago and they did a lot of travelling in their camper van ever since. Ideal for retired people!

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    Membership of BDS, GWCT or BASC might be nice. Useful but no clutter.


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    How about a nice carved walking stick ?



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    Subscription to a magazine is a good present, maybe The Field?

    Voucher for a decent restruant inc taxi to and from?

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    Think you are based around Edinburgh ? If so why not get him a membership to The Whisky Club in Leith. Fantastic place and you can get him to take you there for lunch !

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    I agree a good subscription to FIELD or another mag he enjoys would be a nice part a malt to sip while he reads it??

    Hope he has a good birthday.

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    A good Thai, either meal or massage


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