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Thread: Wooden Antler Syndrome?

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    Wooden Antler Syndrome?


    A townie friend of mine that lives in one of the frindge suburbs of Southampton called me yesterday in a worried state as the Roe Buck that jumps over his fence in & out of his back garden has somthing wrong with his antlers!

    He said that last week they were brown & covered in fur-but this morning that have turned to Wood!

    He also said that one of the deers children still has little fur spikes though so he seems OK.

    I told him that Wooden Antler Syndrome was common in male Roe Deer at this time of year & to be pretty sure that the smaller child deer will also catch it soon-just before his dad beats the **** out of him & kicks him out!

    Regs Lee

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    All very funny lol . I now hope you phone him and educate him into why, the Roe buck looks like it does education ,with townies is our way forward with the methods we use, selecting and culling of deer the whys and wherefores of it all .

    Townies have a lot of Bamby factor built in with very little education about British wild life and could hardly tell one species from another ,this is where we come in, it therefore strengthens our methods of control and dispatch when you have the population educated, into the animals that they may or may not have within there surroundings .

    One of the reasons the RSPB have a grate following, is there willing to tell people what the birds and animals are at all times of the year ,something we should try where we can is to educate, one of the very reasons the antis have the greater grip is, they don't have any opposition telling anyone who's wrong and who's right ,as the shooter stalker won't stand there corner, when the preverbal hits the fan .

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