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Thread: Shooting sticks.

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    Shooting sticks.

    Just over a week ago, in the heat of the moment after shooting a fox at almost two hundred yards off stick, I promptly left them in the hedge.

    I went back twice, next day and next week but someone was obviously in the back of beyond and found them. They were great sticks, a kit from Moray Outfitting (Andy).

    My friend lent me his telescopic aluminium ones whilst I was waiting (one evening) for my new kit to arrive and a visit to Mole Valley farmers got me the sticks for about 4. The alu ones are from a reputable stalking gear provider and I realised just how much less effective they were for me.

    I have a standard T3 hunter and with these sticks have been comfy sitting and standing to shoot at distances I never would have tried before. They are easily and importantly, silently adjustable.

    I know that there is a build up of confidence and less so with the loan stick, but these really are very very good and I recommend them. If anyone near me wants a go they are welcome to have a go with mine. I'm fairly sure you'll like them too.

    I bought mine after using Andy's for a practise when out with him in October, I liked them and bought them. It was only when I had to use others I realised how good they are, and at less than 30 all in, an embuggerance to lose, but not a hear breaker.

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    I may have missed it but, were your old sticks bi, tri or quad ? I have been using the B&Q sticks for some while, three secured with two rein stops from the horse suppliers, and as a tri pod it works very well, if a little 'clangy' at times when you're not careful. A pal of mine uses the trade supplied 'quad-pod' and I was wondering about trying to improve my own system. What did you replace lost sticks with ?

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    I'm sorry, I have just been asked by PM if I had been drinking when I wrote this, and yes, I had - quite a bit.....

    I had the bi sticks and I had the metal coated in plastic ones.

    It's the kits that helped. It is specifically made for the sticks and seems to hold everything steady well, the rubber washer at the bottom stops the clangning I seem to get with everything else and have yet to find a cheaper alternative for. The rubber 'bar' is thick and steady, when I turn to follow a deer with the rifle on it there is no squeak or noise like the ones I used last week.

    I ordered a new kit from Forest and Hill and got the sticks from Mole Valley rather than B&Q, but it makes no difference.

    I have not been stalking long - about a year - and getting it right is not easy without making expensive mistakes. I just thought I would share that these sticks I bought for under 30 have massively changed my stalking and in my opinion are hugely better than much more expensive specific alternatives.

    I shall not post after drinking in future - sorry if I cam across as an ar5e.

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    No problems, as a 'new boy' I assume I've read it wrong or missed something. The eyesight is not so good unless I am looking through the scope. I have followed the link to Forest and Hill and the kit seems like it could be very useful, many thanks. I stalk with a .243 cz550 with a meopta on top and a harris bi pod underneath. This set up serves me very well as most of my shots are prone and I cannot fault the accuracy of it. However, the total weight of my outfit requires a steady support for other shots, which was the reason for my query.
    Regards, Keith
    Ps. No arseness noted at all !!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Monkey Spanker View Post
    There are some good photos of homemade sticks here:
    Here is a good step by step for making your own sticks

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    I ordered a new kit from Forest and Hill

    Got a kit recently from Andy & combined with the sticks from B&Q are better than any sticks I've had before.

    " not the end of the world, - - but you can see it from here ! "

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    Quote Originally Posted by JRoe View Post
    I ordered a new kit from Forest and Hill

    Got a kit recently from Andy & combined with the sticks from B&Q are better than any sticks I've had before.

    Or I just used a wad punch on a bit of old conveyor belt to make the link and the silencer and I got some Walking frame rubber ferrules from my local hardware shop. Canes and ferrules cost 4.50 and the conveyor belt was laying around.

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    JR - many thanks for the kind endorsement. Must add the personal delivery isn't standard, but Sue was heading out to Inverness!

    I have a bit of a moral/ marketing dilemma going on. Really believe in the system - otherwise wouldn't use it - but personally nothing turns me off quicker than heavy handed marketing of something. Also firm believer in letting people make their own choices.

    Yet every ( and genuinely mean every ) professional that has handled the system goes for them. Including Nick & Fraser on their visit last week for their Part 2. No pushing, no sell - just let them see it/ try it.

    Already feel like I'm pushing!
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    I've added a nylon strap to the cross piece with a three bar slider, it's got a lacky band around it and when I pull the loose end, I pull the top of the sticks towards me, step on the end of the strap and push forward - rock steady. Hoping it will help me in the next few weeks!

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