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    photo thieves

    Hi all please everyone look one the items on ebay being offered by these two sellers and check your breed to make sure they havent stolen one of your photos like they have stolen mine and another staffy pic. they are blatently advertising one of my fotos of a dog i bred on their gate signs, i have emailed them twice now to remove it and dont get an answer and they dont remove the pic, pass it on to everyone you know with a website as these theives do not care about exploiting your images. if you see a picture of your dog email a link to the picture and the item number to and report it to ebay

    pbuster60 and petal-j trading as

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    Tell Ebay they will remove it.

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    Hi Ash, If you follow this link and give a brief description Ebay will remove the Listings and inform the seller why they have done so.


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    we have all ready done that it has taken them three weeks to remove them and only the threat of legal action got them removed. All the images are copyrighted on the our site in 2006 it just take eBay so long to do things and when you ring them you end with a call handler in japour India who i can quite simply not make understand me.

    we have an eBay shop and sell a hell of a lot of leather work on eBay but Evan that don't help protect you or give you an edge over this

    o well

    all the best and thanks for the help

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    Ebay wont help as they are not repsonsible and their T+C means sellers are accountable not Ebay.

    You could work out how much you would have chrged these people to give permission to, and then go to small claims to ask for it. Or get your solicitors to ask for it. Might not get the money but they'll stop pinching your snaps.

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