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Thread: New(ish) to bunny shooting

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    New(ish) to bunny shooting

    Hello guys n gals , i am an under-keeper at Bunwell wood shoot have been there for a few years now ,and have only just got my firearms through (finally) ,tomorrow i should be picking up my .22Lr if all goes to plan from my local firearms dealer , i have done a fair bit of .22 shooting on the estate under supervision but most of it has been at night (lamping) , however i would really like to get into the rabbits now that i can go roaming on my own and was wondering if anyone had any advice for the best way to get them , weather it be tips on getting the little sods out of the burrows or just best places to find them best rounds to use / equipment, all advice would be greatly appreciated .


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    Eley subsonics are the most accurate out of all the .22's I have had in the past. About 45 per 500 if I recall.

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    best for me has been winchester hollow point subs, morning at first light, with a big scope (56mm bell) get them all in the morning,when they stop coming out at the am,go back at dusk and shoot all night, i have tried everything to get them out of the burrows, all the scents, nothing worked, but they do love carrots..

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    maize plots now poking through will trundle round on the bike and shoot anything that is on or near the maize then when they twig bike means shooter stalk them on foot good stalking practice on sticks ,a few of the beaters will help out too .when they really get switched on i will c/f them at range boss pays the ammo.

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    Best advice for me...... don't forget your learning from the past few months, all too easy on your own to stretch things a bit!, wet grass & a bunny missed !
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    hi a new member to this forum just reading about you and your bunny antics and the best way to get them i do a lot of air rifle shooting with a 12ft pounds rapid 7 and a 3.5x10x50 simmons whitetail classic scope and i dont have any trouble shooting rabbits day or night you would get more at night than in the day because they usually like to feed early evening and through the night and normally rest up in the day and they will venture further away from there burrows at night too so its easy to catch them of gaurd over a 4 night period i have shot 168 rabbits in 4 hourly sessions mind you i am good

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    it makes me giggle when people say " use this round or that round " etc. theres only one way to find what shoots best in YOUR rilfe and thats to buy a box of each, say winchester, eley and rws or whatever your local gunshop sells and shoot a few down the barrel.

    As for the rabbits, again it depends on what the ground is like. Just be quiet, move slowly but most of all practice shooting freehand / off sticks / off bipod etc to cover yourself. I know a few lads who can hit a gnat at 70 yards off a bipod witht their "heavy varmint barrel" but they cant hit jack freehand at rabbits at 50 yards.

    Pick a gun that "shoots the part" as well and will do the job, not a fancy one that "looks the part" but isnt practical.

    Good luck !

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    if you have spare 70 odd quid get a cheap digital NV monocular.
    walk around in darkness and position yourself BEFORE you turn on the light. cheap scope mounted light that shines for 75yds is all you need (I have a Deben Tracer stinger on one rifle, cost 15!)

    turned my single digit rabbits nights into ones where I have to go back to the car early as I cant carry any more!!

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