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Thread: sale/export of firearm from UK to Canada

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    sale/export of firearm from UK to Canada

    There are alot of great guns advertised for sale via this forum, I wondered if anyone had knowledge of the UK requirements for sale and export to Canada. Canadian import rules are pretty straight forward as far as I know so I wondered what if any problems UK sellers might have.


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    It is my understanding that if a gun is on your UK certificate then you do not need to get export clearance as it is deemed a personal possession. I believe it would be different if you were to buy from a UK dealer without it being entered on your UK certificate (if indeed you have one). You might want to check that though.

    Previously you would have needed to get the gun registered before trying to bring through Canadian customs. With the long gun registry gone in Canada I guess that no longer applies (unless you are from Quebec anyway)

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    A UK forumer enquired to his local firearms dealer who estimated 400 pounds for export/paperwork. I am missing out on an excellent deal due to the money for paperwork#$%!

    Not sure if it matters if it is a personally held firearm on certificate or at rfd or however that all works.

    I think with out the long gun registry here in Canada for a non-restricted gun, as long as I have my PAL and use an approved shipper, it is pay the money and wait for the mail.

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