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Thread: Which Airline??

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    Which Airline??

    I am in South Africa at the moment, leaving later today for Dubai. Whilst I have been here I have been invited to go hunting in the Eastern Cape in July which is a bit tight.

    The last time I came hunting was in 2006 and I used British Airways. I was told yesterday that South African Airays are no longer flying direct to London from Cape Town so does anyone have any recent experience with a reliable and inexpensive carrier that will take firearms?

    Ideally I want to fly to Cape Town as we will drive from here to the Eastern Cape which is about nine hours.


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    I'm not completely sure, but don't Emirates do a flight to Durban? Might suit you a bit better if you're going to be in the Eastern Cape.

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    I haven't flown to that neck of the woods, but experience in flying with firearms. BA were good, but charged for additioanl security for handling the firearms for each flight - 50. I have had a much better experience with any of the Star Alliance partner airlines - no additional charge for carriage of firearms and an easy, courteous and stress-free experience.

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    I always come to South Africa with Emirates as they have 30kgs of baggage allowance in economy but I want to avoid any firearms handling at the transit airport as, I believe, for some carriers you have to pick up the firearms and check them in again (???).

    I don't know whether Emirates carry firearms but the route to South Africa via Dubia is very tiring, believe me.

    British Airways are the obvious choice but the flight along is going to be over a grand with the additional fifty quid each way for firearms handling. This is the problem with last minute bookings.

    I had not looked at Lufthansa or any of the other Star Alliance partners but that would mean transit in Frankfurt with possible firearms re-handling.

    Should have sorted it months ago when it was first intimated to me!

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    In the times I have flown with connecting flights, my firearam has always been checked through to my final destination airport without me having to collect and re-handle. The only exception was a return flight from Houston where the airline had not filled out the correct form and it was flagged at Heathrow before my connecting flight to Aberdeen. It was brought to me by a security guard, we then met the customs official, showed him my FAC, he logged the transit - the security guard then took it away and checked it into my connecting flight. In a 6 week period recently I flew 10 flights through 5 airports with 4 different airlines trans-atlantic and internal flights in UK and USA and had absolutley no problems or inconvenience at all. I was met with courtesy, efficiency and interest - including a 15 mintue chat with a US customs official about deer hunting in UK/USA, who on seeing my rifle and paperwork being inspected by one of his colleagues had wandered over saying 'nice rifle'.

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    Well that is encouraging! I am in Cape Town airport now and when checking in the desk clerk said that Emirates carried firearms (which for some reason I thought they did not) so I will make further enquiries along that score. Apart from the integrity of my rifle my biggest concern is the cost of travel with the departure date being so close.

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    You should give Luftwaffe a try. I was looking recently for a planned trip to Namibia next year - 824 to Windhoek from Aberdeen.

    I have flown with them previously and had a very positive experience. Transfers

    I was recently in Zambia and Namibia on Emirates - very good as always. As you say though not an ideal trip routing through Dubai.

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    Just looked at South African Airways and they do fly direct to Cape Town. I flew with them 2 years ago with rifles, very good experience. Will not fly B.A. as they charge 50 each way for each firearm carried bloody rip off, even easyjet only charge 25 per case even if you have 2 rifles in it. Hate B.A.

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    Just back from another excellent trip LHR to JNB with Virgin. They and SAA do not charge extra for firearms BA do (100 return) all have 23kgs baggage in economy. We then used SAA from JNB to East London but you have to re check in yout firearms. Good hunting.

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    Just arrived Dubai, and its a bit warmer than Cape Town which was chilly!

    I was told by one of my colleagues in Cape Town that SAA had announced only in the past few days that they were no longer flying to CT direct. The last time I flew SAA it was a disaster and the plane must have been a very early Jumbo with no individual entertainment system. The plane broke down on the runway on the return journey, twenty four hour delay...not fun!
    Thanks for all the info, will follow this up when I get home at the weekend.

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