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Thread: Plummer Terrier Pup

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    Plummer Terrier Pup

    Hi Folks

    As per title I'm looking for a Plummer terrier pup must be a bitch and come from working parents if anyone can help I would appreciate it.



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    Try PMing TokaS on this site.

    Or this list: http://www.european-plummerterrier-s...committee.html

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    Cheers Tamus PM sent to TokaS and to the European plummer terrier association. If anyone else knows of any potential litters please let me know.


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    'Carron Valley' on here .... Alex (CSL) and I stayed at his place a couple of years back - he had, he said Plumbers' original breeding line of dogs - which he explained that the committee wouldn't authenticate (or didn't recognise) or something along those lines.…,,,

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    be very carefull with plummers ,plus the main plummer clubs do not speak or reconise one another,check lines as there is too much interbreeding imho .toka will put you right.

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