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Thread: Which 243 Rifle Sub 600

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    Which 243 Rifle Sub 600

    I have finally sorted out my variation for a 243 to get moving on my stalking dream. Now my questions is which rifle (excluding scope/ mod) under 600 and also which factory loads as at present I wont have the money to start self loading.

    This rifle will primarily be used for foxing and secondly as a deer rifle so will I need two different loads for each animal? Im open to new or second hand but it will need to be reliable and rugged and have a few years of use in it as I'm an all weather shooter.

    edit: Forgot to add is there anything that I should be looking for on a rifle like on a car having the belts done at 80k?
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    Are you wanting New or Used? New look at savage, howa . Second hand you wont go far wrong with a Browning A-bolt, Tikka or Winchester. As for ammo it depends on what the rifle you buy likes, personally I would use the same load for both Fox and Roe. Give Guntrader a right good look through.


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    Fora value for money rifle I don't think that you will go far wrong with a HOWA 1500. I have shot fox and deer with mine and on the range put rounds through the same hole at 100 metres. I tend to use mine primarily for stalking and for factory rounds use 95 grain Winchester supreme ballistic tips.There are plenty of deals with Howa where you can choose barrel & stock options and package deals with moderators & scopes.Check them out online their prices new should be such that you won't need to worry about changing the cam belts!;-)Cheers,Dave

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    Search on guntrader, there should be plenty to choose from. I'd go for a second hand Tikka M595 or T3 if you can find one in your budget, or an older Sako (there's a few A2's on there at the moment). Browning, Howa or Weatherby should also do the job well. If you do a dealer search for Somerset (not too far away from you) you will find Ivythorn Sporting - the owner has a good reputation, as well as a range so you can try a rifle before buying.
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    I have a Howa 1500 in .243 which is also my first rifle, i use 100gr federals through it an get good groupings. You cant go far wrong with it and at 500 it means more money left over for a better scope! Thats how i did it anyway.

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    There's a lovely full stock CZ 550 on guntrader at the moment for 400.

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    browning x bolt

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    +1 cadex......T3
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    I'm not experienced enough in rifle choice sub 600, but for factory ammunition I've had very good results from PPU expanding in my .308 - good price too, none in stock for my shiny new .243 when I picked that up a couple of weeks ago so I took some Sako ammunition. More expensive, but after zeroing shot 0.5" groups at 100yds.

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