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Thread: RCBS Die set up question

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    RCBS Die set up question

    after year or so of handloading everything I have crossed to the dark side and bought a press to go with the bargain RCBS dies I bought a while back.

    I have set up the FL sizing die as per the instructions from both the press maker and the RCBS site.
    (wind down onto a fully cranked piston, back off piston 1/8th turn more, lock down)

    but when I come to set up the seating die if I wind it down onto the ram and lock it down, when I put a dummy round through it the ram is stopping short even when the seating plunger is fully backed out.

    Should the seating die base be in contact with the shell holder when seating and does it matter if it isn't so long as the position is replicated (which it seems to be)?

    its almost as if the space for the case is too short and the case is fouling at the shoulder of the die.

    new to me so any advice would be great

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    The seating die should be clear of the shellholder. All my seater dies are. If it's wound down to fully enclose the case then the in-built crimp collar will make contact.
    If you want to crimp the case neck into the cannellure of bullets you'll need to wind the seating die down so that it 'kisses' the end of the neck - a soft kiss or a 'smacker' for a light or firm crimp respectively.

    If I'm going to be accused of it then it's just as well I did it.

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    that makes sense.
    forgot all about the crimping action


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