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Thread: Ridgeline mallard jacket

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    Ridgeline mallard jacket

    I've had a ridgeline monsoon smock for the last 3 years and can't fault it for stalking in the shity winters we get here and haven't been wet in it once but on warmer days you do sweat a good bit in it so I was pretty chuffed when my mate gave me a mallard jacket too weeks ago. The jacket is very light, cool,quiet and very waterproof! Ridge line really is the clothing to have these days!!

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    I was going to look at those, as I find the Monsoon a little warm at the moment.

    Thanks for the recommendation.

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    No bother. I've been trying for years to find something that was as good and versatile as the swandri ranger shirt with the goretex liner n I've finally found it. Best all year jacket going n at a cracking price.

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    Based on this thread, and looking for a light jacket I ordered one, have worn it twice this week and got soaked both times.
    Looks like it will be going back.


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    That's terrible thought the OP said they were waterproof

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    Quote Originally Posted by The Seeker View Post
    That's terrible thought the OP said they were waterproof
    The OP did, as does the Ridgeline advertising.
    It isn't just a leaking seam either, I did at first think it was just sweat, but yesterday morning I wore it over a T shirt, walked all of 25 yards and spent
    an hour in a heavy drizzle talking to a mate.
    Not exactly a severe test I would have though, later on I did the same wearing a cheap bonded fleece from "Dickies" cost me all of 20 and remained dry.


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    sorry to hear you haing bad experience with ridgline kit

    i bought the bib style overalls and the eider jacket for wearing down the "basin" / forshore for fowling and gotta admit they are really cosy and waterproof

    actually brilliant on a nights lamping at the rabbits when a cold night and wind blowing....couple that with my sealskinz beanie and you just dont feel the cold & the beanies waterproof too....some hat !


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