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Thread: Lead Contamination

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    Lead Contamination

    Just another pic of why I dont like my venison shot with lead bullets.


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    Do you know if it was a polymer tip or a normal lead soft point?

    I would assume polymer tip?


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    Looks more like a broadside from a shotgun to me. Obviously some failing of the bullet?

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    Hi Kyle

    RWS Teilmantle ie normal lead roundnose bullet from a 7x64.


    This is normal lead contamination not a failing bullet. 80% weight retension = 20% lead/copper fragments in the meat. This would be worse with a standard ballistic tip.
    Lead fragmets are tasteless and usually too small to see.


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    Is this before or after being gralloched?

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    If you look at the radiograph you can see the internal organs are still present. Even though a most of he lead will be removed with the gralloch a small amount remains in the meat by direct and indirect transfer. It then passes into the foodchain where it accumulates in the top predator i.e. you.
    Ballitic tips lead to high contamination
    Std lead core bullets are also high
    Bonded cores are lower
    Monolithics are zero


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    By the entry and exit positions it was very badly shot in the first place .

    From my store of information that particular bullet would be 11.2 gram or 173 grains weight .
    I had a 7X65R DB O/U which was regulated for that bullet and killed hundreds of Deer with NO problems or suspected scatter like that , but of course my Deer were not Xrayed so who knows what unseen damage was really caused .

    HWH .

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    This roe was shot during a driven hunt ie on the run. Bullet placement has nothing to do with the lead scatter. No bones were hit from looking at the raiograph. The point is that lead scatter like this is universal and the only wat to aviod/reduce it is well constructed bonded core bullets or lead free alternatives.
    This is more relevant to those who eat venison regularily over a long period of time.
    Lead shot is different as it is substantially bigger than lead dust and presents less surface area when ingested.
    The only other way is to head shoot the beasts.


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    I thought that elemental lead could not be digested and so passed through humans. What percentage of this lead is in a form that might be digested? What percentage of it is actually digested? Are lead levels in the bodies of people who often eat venison at or above levels currently considered dangerous?

    We need to exercise great caution here as "lead" is one of the big sticks that the green nutters are planning to use against shooting. They are attempting to "prove" (that is to say spin the science to their own ends) that lead contamination from shooting poisons the land, to remove access to ranges, and also that wild game meat shot by hunters is not fit for human consumption. In doing so they hope to turn the public against shooting and against the reason for shooting, i.e. wild game meat, and to use political leverage against us. Lead is about to become the "rich toffs living off the backs of the poor peasant farmers" that were used to turn a percentage of the urban public against fox hunting.

    So, while we need to look at such photographs in order to prepare ourselves to do battle against the green nutters when they come for our rifles and our right to freely roam the countryside without CCTV and being followed by some sandle wearing, yogurt knitting, whinging bloke who lives in a mud hut and eats grass. We also need to avoid sensationalising these matters. Many people are unsure of what represents science or how science works and photos like the one posted could easily lead us to conclude that lead is a bad thing but I'm not at all sure that the science is so firm. With that in mind I think threads like this offer an excellent chance to practise arguments in our defence and to educate hunters to the threat facing them but I would urge great caution. I would also venture to suggest that the well organised and funded green nutters (Do you know that the EU, using my tax money, provides over half the funding to some of these green nutter groups?) are probably already working on a list of good reasons as to why copper bullets are a bad thing - at the very least expect them to kill innocent children and impact upon a range of rare but cuddly wildlife species that must be saved.

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    Cracking post mate!!

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