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Thread: 6.5x55m RWS 127 Grain ( Wanted your experience )

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    6.5x55m RWS 127 Grain ( Wanted your experience )


    I got offered 200 rounds of RWS 127 grain 6.5x55mm ammunition at a reasonable price.
    I would have preferred to use 140grain but the are extremely hard to track down.

    I am wondering have any of you good folk got any experience with this round.
    I would be using the ammunition on fallow,sika,foxes and Red hinds.

    Any good or bad experiences would be appreciated.


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    I bought some to try a couple of years ago, but didn't actually shoot any beasts with them.
    Looking back in my range book, I see that in my 20"-and-a-bit-barrel Finnlight I was getting about 2520fps (2degrees C), with groups a little over 0.5" at 100yds.

    I didn't deploy them despite the fact that the rifle obviously liked them because the combination of unspectacular BC of the bullet and the (even by my pedestrian standards) low velocity made me think that for the hill the drop would be inconvenient.

    With a bit more barrel, and/or shorter anticipated shooting distances, I might have thought differently about them.
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    Thanks Dalua,

    Interesting observations

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