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Thread: Hilver 30mm rings and one piece base

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    Hilver 30mm rings and one piece base

    I'm after a set of Hilver 30mm rings and a one piece base rail to fit a BSA CF2 in blued finish ,if anyone has anything please let me know.
    Thanks Jase.

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    Anybody? same fitting as remington 700 long action(I think)

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    Try pm'ing Calton moor rangeThey hav a set of hilver stud lock bases and 30mm rings possibly going cheapIt was on a 30-06 they hav just bought of meThe only thing is the 1piece base was cut in half to fit the Mauser 98 action But to be sure just measure the centres of the screw holes to see if they matchHope this help

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    Cheers Stone

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    The radius of the underside of the bases will be different for the 98 action.

    Sorry I don't have 30mm Rings but do have the Hilver two piece stud bases.

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    Cheers Kevin,but it's the one piece stud rail I'm after like the one I had on my last one,if I get no joy in finding one of these I'll be in touch pal.
    ATB Jase

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