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Thread: Denmark - Roe stalking, the shooting cinema and Noogy

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    Denmark - Roe stalking, the shooting cinema and Noogy

    So the Scooby gang, John, Stan, myself and our host Cristian 'The Great Dane' were across in Denmark last week from Thursday to Sunday to use the outdoor and cinema range in and near Aarhus. Let me start of by saying that Denmark is a great place to go and the eye candy element is top quality HOWEVER! be warned that the Danish girls speak better English than our hooded chav mobs and comments like 'check out the arse on that' from the lads will be understood by the Danish girls who will not be afraid to turn round and say something like 'ya itz a great arze izn't it' Awkward

    Anyway, we arrived at Copenhagen after painlessly working through the UK side of customs and Easy Jet checking in and then out the other side was equally as smooth. We soon jumped on the train to Aarhus and this was the cleanest and most comfortable train ride you can hope for with beer and snacks served throughout the journey. Christian was waiting and a quick hop across town to tidy accommodation right beside the Noogy Bar. Noogy Bar gentlemen being a custom burger bar that serves huge tasty burger and not perhaps another form of Noogy bar that others may frequent

    So, after a top sit down monster burger it was that time of evening to get out stalking. Christian took me out to a fantastic arable area that clearly had a great spread of roe. The crop cover had really got up and the deer were hard to see so we moved into a lush and very attractive small valley that was clearly holding some bucks. Although we tried on the first evening we couldn't connect and what was interesting is that sundown is the end of legal shooting and not like here the hour after. This seems a shame as the majority of deer I certainly get is in this period. So back to base and the beers began to empty and a good watch of wild boar fever videos put us right in the mood for the next day, that is me and John stalking first thing with Christian.

    Too early to recall the next morning (Friday) the Great Dane, John and me and back in the same area and we split up to do our thing. Christian took me to a point of vantage and glassing round I soon picked up a buck that worked out of the crops into the open areas and we set of to intercept the beast. After getting in position we were unfortunate in that the buck had worked back into the crop although another roe was grazing the grass fringes of the corn further up the field. With absolutely no cover we sneaked up the meter and a half wide strip of tall grass towards the roe but unfortunately as we got closer it was clear she was a doe although we kept going and got as close as we could. At 15 meters with the Danes Camera phone waving about the doe made us and bounced off through the crop back towards hedge line cover before barking as she disappeared into thicker cover.

    Meeting up with John he had similar experiences and got some nice footage of a doe but no bucks had made an appearance. It was time to head for breakfast and an urgently needed sleep! Naturally the second we get back in the car and start driving the bucks start showing everywhere arhh!!

    The first day at the outdoor range was wet but actually really good in the sense that the conditions and environment was realistic. If you’ve not seen the video check this out! Now while it was very wet and idiot boy (me) had forgotten the magazine for my rifle we quickly learned about giving lead and following through the shots or running game just like with shotgun shooting birds on the wing. The afternoon saw use move to a multi target range where running boar both slow and faster speeds, pop up boar and roe all turned the afternoon into a competitive session.
    The evening saw us move over to the indoor cinema range on the fringes of Aarhus and the moment you walk in the door the quality and professionalism of the facilities hit you. The taxidermy in the corridor on display was amazing and the gun shop upstairs was almost a work of art itself. As we went into the range the setup was explained and we soon got into our details to begin shooting 20 rounds each per detail although I ended up firing twice that in some details with some exposures of driven game showing 30 pigs to shoot at. Watch this through and see 2 mags let fly at the end yee ha!!
    The next day saw us doing more of the same and poor Stan really suffered after letting well over a hundred rounds of 9.3mm hunting ammo go down range the day before. Being good mates the rest of the gang helped him use up some ammo and make sure the rifle had a proper work out lol. The best bit was we all felt good about the shooting and gained a lot of confidence. We even got to saw a massive 470 nitro express getting launched down range and while the camera doesn’t pick up the real boom of the gun you get the idea by the reaction of the assembled shooters.
    The Saturday evening saw us out at a different ground and our plan was to stalk to high seats and see what shows. We were stalking together down a hedge line and after a couple of hundred yards we bumped a doe and 6 point buck with irregular right antler which ran out across the corn towards the woodland out to our right. Unfortunately for the buck he stopped on the edge of the corn as the doe ran in giving time for the big Dane to set up sticks and John offered me the shot even though he was the lead rifle. Who would have said no? So I got myself into the aim and shot the buck but unfortunately for us the buck managed to run off into the deepest grass and thick woodland that you would ever wish a beast wouldn’t. With a good splash of blood at the strike area we followed it in a bit but you could have been standing beside it and not seen it so rather that waste time Christian offered me the use of a local call out highly trained deer dog and handler. This was the best plan of action as it was one of those situations where you could have been looking until dark and still not found the beast even if it was 10 meters away. John left us to wait for the dog and stalked over to his high seat where a doe showed and walked right up to his high seat but no buck. The deer dog and handler turned up and although you pay for the services I have to be honest in that it was a privilege and smart move. These dogs are trained to very high standards and the dog went straight to the deer.
    So a buck was shot and the cinema range was just a great couple of days practice for the boar and driven game season. If you look at the videos you can see how the practice starting on the outdoor range and then going to the indoor range can give you the experience to make accurate and lethal shots at running game. Here in the UK we frown upon such shooting but now I can say for sure that with practice you become easily capable of lethal shots but naturally only when working within sensible ranges for your ability.
    I went to Denmark hoping that I could improve my shooting for driven game but I came back knowing that the practice (350 rounds of .308) was the best investment for any shooter who wants to go for a driven boar or game hunt. The practice gives you the skills to shot the game and judge the lead required and I can’t wait for next year, the Noogy was good MMMnnnnn Noogy.

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    exellent i did enjoy all the videos you all had a good crack ,atb wayne
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    Sounds a great trip.
    I watched the videos the other day, looks a bit addictive.


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    nice write up mate i will add to it tomorrow.

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