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Thread: Bloomin Badger!

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    Bloomin Badger!

    I was out the other evening for a pop at the young rooks with the 22. up on the branches in a very small wood near me. I shot about 3 and 2 of them didnt fall but one did and I thought, thatll do for the Cage Trap.

    I hadnt been in the wood 20 mins and it was all quiet now so I thought, pick up the rook and go, when I turned to go and pick it up, there was a bloody badger, it walked up the the dead rook picked it up, shook it a bit then walked off with it.

    This all happened in full daylight at 8pm.

    Not even an thanks mate!

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    Ive seen a badger kill a roe kid

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    ha I can add to that one!
    shooting rabbits last night on a golf course, back to a tree up on sticks, shot 3 out in front of me at about 50yds.
    couldnt see any more so I decided to refill the magazines before going to pick them up.
    looking down for not more than 30 secs, I look up and there is cheeky fox trying to pick up one of the shot rabbits.
    must have been watching me or the same rabbit and I think the ******* knew that I had the rifle up against a tree and no ammo in it!! tried to stop him with a squeak but he was having none of it, off like a rocket with MY rabbit!

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    I think we should write to Jeremy Vine, the public should know about this theivery!

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