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Thread: perruque red stag

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    Interesting trophy. I'm guessing he's probably damaged it on a fence or something like that.

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    stag in photo was shot at an animal park where they keep a few deer for the public to look at and over the years he had became very aggressive.
    He was de-antlered then the vet convinced the park to vasectomise
    following the op his nxt set of antlers were in permenant velvet until damage on fence etc and as such flystrike
    the photo is not that good as you cant realy see the back of the head but it was a mess
    regards andy

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    Did the vet not offer some sort of hormonal injections as a follow up to prevent the velvet from staying soft and also I am surprised that you decided to cull instead of treat for fly strikeAs that is not a major problem to over come once you get the idea of how to treat and administer the cream , but wear glovesConsidering that castration was always going to lead to such situ'sProbably Would of been better to of culled or moved the stag on in the first place than treat it in the way it wasBut you live and learnAt least the suffering has now endedAtleast don't scrap the head and do something with it

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    i dont know what vet had offered them as we just got the call to destroy animal
    as for creme and gloves the stag would have needed darting with imobilon every time head needed treating
    as for scrapping head it was left there for them to disspose of it stank
    regards andy

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    Something has got lost in the story,vasectomy does not lead to a drop in testosterone.( I don't see many blokes volunteering for the snip with this result ).This has been a case of castration,when the testosterone levels drop the antlers would be cast in about 2/3 weeks and they would grow in the following season never to loose the velvet. A perruque which goes on growing seasonally. Animals that are castrated after the pedicle has grown will always grow into a perruque. Roe tend to grow with a lot of soft tissue and less mineralisation whereas Reds,Fallow and Sika have less soft tissue and more mineralisation.
    An example of a Fallow buck castration Specimen by permission MSD of Calton Moor Farm

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    i must appologise the stag was castrated and not vasectomised
    regards andy

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