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Thread: Boyds gunstocks

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    Boyds gunstocks

    Does anyone use boyds gunstocks , thinking of putting one on my tikka 595 .308 . But it would have to be un inlet as they don't make a pattern stok .
    Any thoughts or alternatives ?

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    their inlet stocks are very good value for money, I have one and have been happy with it
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    An alternative is a UK manufacturer at I have no connection with them whatsoever but have read good things about them and their product. Prices seem sensible too. Worth a look at least.

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    I was impressed with my Boyds stock and more impressed it took less than a fortnight to arrive from ordering to being in my possession
    Well worth the money in my opinion

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    Seriously consider a Joe West stock, they are really very high quality laminate.

    If the inlet isnt listed, they will do one from your old stock by the way.

    Ive no connection either, but have seen several and was impressed.

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    I had a look at the Joe west stocks at bisley, very nice, great finish and a man who seems to know about rifles.

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    I purchased a Boyd laminated stock for my Ruger 25.06 about 2 years ago. I will say that it needed slight adjustment to ensure a a proper fit, but I expected that. I was very impressed with the swift and polite service and the cost which with the postage was I believe about 130.
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    I also purchased a Boyd stock for my 10/22 from the states - I was impressed with the service, quality and price.

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    Very pleased with mine (weatherby vanguard) absolutley no fitting required,very good finish and turned an alredy accurate rifle with a horrid plastic stock, into an absolute tack driver that looks very nice indeed, very very good value.

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    I have boyds on my ruger 1022 and Remi 700 excellent stocks and value

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