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Thread: Friday 13th Lucky for some

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    Friday 13th Lucky for some

    After going to Stone's Dog Day and talking to Stone. I said I was over at Land Rover training on the 13th March, fancy going for a beer? He had Mudman down for the weekend and it was arranged to meet at the Christmas tree plantation after my course had finished, I got there about 16.30.
    Met Mudman ( Richard) and we chewed the fat for a while and we got kitted out, Stone (Richard) lent me his .243 and 10 rounds of homeloaded soft points. I said ' how many bloody deer do you have here'. A laugh was the reply.
    We got into the truck and weaved our way through the blocks of christmas trees to the last block, I was dropped off and placed with my back to the trees and facing an open field with a high railway embankment the other side. I was told they normaly make there way over the embankment or through an underpass which was only used by farm stock. The two Richard's wre going to stalk through the trees and then pick me up after dark. So I settled down for the wait.
    Nothing much going on apart from trains and the droan from the motorway, then caught a movement from my left, a fox was making it's way from the trees to the railway embankment, I leftit to walk over to the fence and placed the crosshairs on it and rolled it over. Reloaded and waited. A phone call from Stone, ' Fox' I said. ' Good ' was the reply , 'now wait for a Muntie'.
    Got settled back down and started to scan the feild again, by this time it was 18.30 and the light was going fast, we had until 19.00 which was an hour after sunset.
    I had my late father-in-laws 36 year old carl Zeiss 7x50 bins, which to be fair to them are still bloody good set of optics and a much cheerised possesion. The low light was easily penertrated by these bins.
    Then I spotted a movement right in front of me about 70m away, rifle up and a muntjac doe haevily pregnant was looking right back at me, placed the crosshairs on her chest between the shoulder blades after listening to Muddies talk about shot placement at the dog day. Squeezed the trigger and a flash from the muzzle. Thud, and she was down. I reloaded and waited, just incase another came out as Stone said one might, but no, nothing showed. By this time, the lights of the truck camr through the trees and I went to pick up the doe. Was met by Stone and Mudman, handshakes all round. 'You have done it again mate' I said to Stone, he got me my first fallow and now my first muntie!!!!!!
    After a supervised gralloch we made our way back to the cars and headed off to the pub, with a muntie in the boot.
    The beers were on me that night

    A good evening was had by all and again Stone you are a gent.
    Cheers mate.


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    Well done Jonathon, , glad you got your first munty,I bet your chuffed

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    Nice one Jonathon, well done on Charlie & the Munty.


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    Well done mate

    Well done Jonathon

    You're ticking them off mate



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    Thanks for the photo's Stone


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    Well done - great write-up and photos. Have you tried the muntie venison yet? I still rate it as the best.

    Stone - cracking job, this is what makes the SD site so special.


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    Quote Originally Posted by willie_gunn

    Well done - great write-up and photos. Have you tried the muntie venison yet? I still rate it as the best.

    Stone - cracking job, this is what makes the SD site so special.

    Tough little buggers to skin BUT I thought it WAS the nicest venison I have had to date, we cut some into stir fry stripps and had it in a strogganoff. Lovely jubbly.


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