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Thread: How to improve my scanning/spotting skills

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    How to improve my scanning/spotting skills

    Not wishing to sound like a complete chump, but are there any training tecneques that people use to improve their spotting whilst out in the field. Like most things, I would imagine that it improves with experience, so if there is a way to practice I am open to advice.
    Many thanks for any help that can be given
    Cheers neil

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    Good binos, steady hands and take it slowly very slowly + Practice.

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    Hi Mr. Neill the Plumber

    Great questions if the tread remains clean it should produce some interesting techniques.
    The methods I employ was thought to me by a very famous Wicklow Sika deer stalker
    who’s affectionately known as Mr. Sika.

    The method is to start at the skyline and break your view into 3 sections.

    1. High ground.
    2. Medium ground or Middle ground.
    3. Low ground.

    1. Start on the high ground and scan left to right them remaining in the same section slowly repeat the process from right to left i.e. high ground then using the same method follow on to Medium ground and finally low ground. Using this method its easier to convey to a stalking companion exactly where the deer are “its in the left section of the high ground” instead of its there and pointing and all you hear in return is where? And you reply Its THERE. Excessive movement is often a cause of deer spotting the stalker.

    Concentrate on areas where you would expect deer to be in accordance with the time of day. Eg deer are more active and lower down at dawn and as the day progresses the too progress further away from your shooting permission but bear with them and they will return to the salad bar for an evening meal.

    In woodland stalking you can just concentrate on the low ground unless the deer in your area use climbing gear other than checking the weather I wouldn’t bother looking up to often! employ the same method slowly scan and look for parts of a deer rather than a whole animal you may see an ear, leg, rump, and then amazingly a whole animal will just appear!

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    NTP Go out stalking and look for deer do not move from the spot. Once you have a deer in your bins keep it there scanning left and right and then find again. Dont take a gun.

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    Its a lot like trout fishing.
    If you go somewhere were there are deer and wait you will eventually see them unless the weather is absolute pants.
    Many a time I've reached a stretch of water thinking 'chemical waste spill' only to find trout/grayling rising within 15 minutes. You get to know where they are likely to show and get forever surprised by just where they do show.
    If its ground you will stalk regularly there's nothing wrong with have a brisk walk and seeing where you bump them...they will probably be in a similar area the next time you're out.
    The advice from Glendine is very good, break the ground up into sections then glass each section repeatedly making a mental image of as many points of reference as you can. If something changes, your mind will notice it the next time you scan.
    Below is a link to my website.
    Quad sticks

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    Military technique
    Break up ground into near middle and distance.
    Scan near ground first (remember this is the military) Scan with a fig 8 motion (imagine the 8 on its side)
    then repeat for middle and far ground.

    take it slowly and try to see what doesn't look as if it fits.
    To be sure of hitting the target, shoot first and call whatever you hit the target.

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    In broken hill ground i scan close in first then farout then back to middle.. If i spot something i glass every hump bump and hollow between me and them and any likely approach. Also dont look for whole deer , look for faces ears arses, head and neck above a knoll/behind a rock, even white tine ends can show where a stag is resting that you might otherwise bump.Even once your eye is in be prepared to stalk the occasional clump of red sphagnum or bracken or stump in a peat hag it's all part of the learning process.

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    Go slow..……Stop often ………look lots will start to see more (hopefully )

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    Scan the ground. Wait five minutes and then scan the ground again. Come back the following day and do the same again. The best spotters of deer that I have seen first hand, look at their deer nearly every day. They know where their deer are likely to be on a given day at a given time in a given wind. Good glass helps, I spot deer now with the Swarovskis that I would have never seen with cheaper binoculars.
    Regards JCS

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