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Thread: France - prohibited calibres

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    France - prohibited calibres

    The question of prohibited calibres/cartridges in France seems to arise quite frequently. Hopefully this answers it, but note that this is not legal advice.

    It would appear that rifles chambered for the following cartridges, as well as ammunition, are prohibited:
    .30-06 / 7,62X63
    .303 British
    .308 Winchester / 7,62 NATO
    8X57JS / 8 mm Mauser / .315 Mauser

    It would also appear that the following ammunition is prohibited (not the rifles themselves):
    .223 Remington
    6,5X53R Mannlicher
    6,5X54 Mannlicher Schoenauer
    6,5 Krag / 6,5X55
    7X57 Mauser

    I believe that in addition, there are handgun calibres/cartridges that are also prohibited as well as certain types of rifle action.

    I hope that is of some help, but please check the legal position for yourselves before travelling.

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    I'm sorry to say the French can't even spell the word "clear" properly.

    The cartridges you list are currently "non permissable" ....that is broadly true, for hunting purposes. Not so for target shooting. However, there's also legislation which has been chugging through their bureaucratic pipelines for several years now which will, if it ever comes to full fruition, change all of this at a stroke. Some even argue that this creates problems applying existing law equitably, particularly for other E.C. citizens (i.e. for those who are not French).

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    JabaliHunter this information has been provided by one or two site members previously and while useful unfortunately doesn’t quite give the full story. When you say that rifles chambered for the following cartridges are prohibited or that the following ammunition is prohibited that isn’t strictly true, they are only prohibited for hunting.Don’t forget that there are two different licensing systems for firearms in France, either hunting or shooting (target shooting).
    It's the calibre of the shooter that counts not the calibre of the rifle.

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    Good points. It does say at the top of the document, 'calibres de chasse'! As I said, not legal advice, and most of the questions I have seen have generally been regarding taking rifles to France to shoot boar, not target shooting.

    Its a starting point only, but probably sufficient in the majority of cases...

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    I understand the BASC have advised that from 2013 some of the previously 'prohibited' military calibres (such as 0.308W) will be authorised for hunting.

    Suggest contacting Matthew Perry?(pretty sure he emailed my friend the details) in the Firearms Team.

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    But that was under the previous Government. I suspect priorities may be different now and necessary legislative time is directed elsewhere.


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    Well I have Mouflon and Chamois booked for October and, as a result of these threads contacted the PH. Needless to say I have 30.06 and a .308 and he says that, currently, indeed I cannot shoot with them, which is a bugger as the 30.06 has travelled far and wide with me knocking off the odd trophy.
    C'est la vie. I will now probably use his .270.
    Might the .416 escape their net?

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    Well it definitely isn't a military round!!!


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    well, .223 is most definitely and always was classed as a military round in most EU countrys - hence why the the .222 is so popular - anything else easily converted or modified = banned.
    .416, comes under reasonable energy laws - do you need it for a deer? are you a regular export licence applicant?!

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    I think you will find that all pistols are totally prohibited except for the police FC head rangers. There may be an odd exception but not many. I am also reliably informed that body guards and our royal and diplomatic protection squads are not allowed to carry them and while young Pippa has no royal protection anyway, the pistol incident in France a couple of months ago does not ring true either.


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