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Thread: Massive Welsh Fallow

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    Massive Welsh Fallow

    I heard that a fallow buck has been shot recently in North Wales that weighed 265lbs, that's just a fraction under 19 stone. I'm not sure if that was clean or not but either way it's a hell of a deer.

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    how big ? ? ? Sounds like a tall tale, but suppose if you get seven foot people i bet it wasn't picking a living of the hills and pine plantations!

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    biggest fallow i ever shot was 185/6pounds dressed out with feet off but head and jacket on took me nearly 40 minutes to lift into back of shogun on a wet september morning single handed sounds like this taff was on steroids or mistaked it for a red instead

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    Paul, it does sound a bit too big doesn't it ? Give us some more details

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    Big Fallow

    It would be a very big Fallow at that weight, but I have shot Fallow with clients just over 200lbs clean. These larger beasts do tend to pop up now and again. I well remember in Scotland about 16 years ago we shot a Red Hind, and that scaled out clean at 171lbs.

    I also took a monster Sika Buck in same area about 4 years ago with an American client, and that weighed in at 175lbs clean. And no it was not a hybrid either.

    So I would not discount it out of hand. It might even be an escapee from a local deer farm or park?

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    I was also very sceptical as this seems well above the normal range for even big fallow bucks but this comes on the best authority from a good source. It was shot on a well managed lowland estate in a fertile area with some limestone. The estate accurately records all deer shot and there are apparently some photos which are on the way.

    Although the deer are on an estate these are not enclosed park deer and range outside the estate. There has been a potential silver medal buck in the area for two years but I'm not sure if this is the same animal.

    I know the stalker concerned and although the info came second hand from him through a third party I'll try and get first hand confirmation.

    I can confirm that a fallow buck was shot in the Forest of Dean by the FC stalker some years ago that weighed 214 lbs clean, I saw it and there is a photo in a book that I have.

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    Sikamalc, Yes like i say you get seven foot men and some fat ones!! If it was clean weight i could be very tempted into going into farming Fallow as i think it is exelent Venison that is of a milder less gamey type to that of reds, My sister in law cannot tollerate any other vension than Fallow.
    I beleve they farm them in NZealand i wonder what weights they pull ?

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    Yes Kent, I would agree that Fallow is certainly a much milder taste than Red Deer venison. Reds can be quite gamey in taste, in particular I find later in the year when food is short and they spend more time eating heather tips which I believe can alter the flavour of the meat.

    For me there is nothing quite like a piece of Sika Venison, which happens to be my favourite. Luvely stuff

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    Oh, yes young Sika Fillet ! I personally like the gamey rich taste of most wild venson. my findings are most non- shooting game aclimitised guests prefer the Fallow.
    My eldest daughter esspecially likes could fallow haunch cooked in Marmalade on her school lunch sandwiches. One winter we lived on practically no other meat.
    Mind you the youngest at two years will raid anyones plate for rare cooked roe Fillet, strange thing is she tends to avoid most other meats.
    Hey i gave roe fillet "cooked rare" to a guest the other week as she didn't want the roast pork we were serving - reason she felt sorry for the pig ! She has been a veggie for over twenty years previous, and stated she knew the Deer had a better life than the pig and i would have killed it cleanly!
    I am not boasting of my acurracy here but it does put a different slant on things as portayed in the media.

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    I find that many people prefer muntjac venison as it is possibly the least gamey. At one time we had a local Chinese restaurant willing to take any muntjac we could get.

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