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    Sauer 90

    Any views on this rifle, anyone had one?

    I like older stuff as I think it is made better, none of this value engineering. However, I would like to know views of a 90 vs a 202.


    IB (very old and beyond redemption)

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    The first rifle I ever bought was a .243 Sauer 90. It was ok apart from the fore end which waved in the breeze. I spent a lot of money on it, and then sold it. Not my cup of tea then or now. Regards JCS

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    I've got one in 7mm rem mag.

    I won't lie I have had a few issues with it but the rifle fits me well and I have worked all the bugs out now.... fingers crossed. It shoots just under an inch most days and on the inch the rest with factory, so it's gud enuf fer me!! it also knocks em down like thors hammer with my 140 grain TSX reloads.

    I quite like it but it is not everyones cup of tea. You would have to try it out yourself probably.


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    I have a 90 in 7x64. I can find very little fault with this rifle. The bolt is slicker than a big bag of slick things. The rounds feed effortlessly even under rapid fire situations i.e boar drives. The rifle fits me well and handles with ease bringing the scope to the eye without apparent thought. The only possible downside is the bluing is a true bluing and needs care to maintain, but if you spend that much on a rifle then it deserves a wee bit of respect at the end of the day.

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    hi mate i have 2 202 s and wouldnt buy anything else , these are smooth to use and nice to handle ,

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    One of the most accurate rifles ever made - definitely a more accurate rifle than the 202. A masterpiece of engineering, but that results in a somewhat heavy rifle. Rear-locking with three retracting lugs, it is actually really a straight pull bolt where the initial lift actually retracts the lugs rather than turning the bolt. Probably about the smoothest action ever made, with some of the prettiest stocks and bluing ever on a factory rifle. The magnum-chambered rifles had issues with bolt compression - or probably more correctly lug compression in this design. They only stopped making them in 2008 or so from memory.

    A very different rifle from the 202. Barrels don't swap. The 202 is about half a pound lighter, and is a front-locking action. If a 90 ever came up in the right price in a short action rifle, i'd probably grab one. The long action rifles are probably a touch too heavy for me.

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    Although I am a Heym fan I always fancied a 90. I understand there is going to be a 'Final Run' of near 100 Sauer 90's as i believe they have found some actions etc and I have to be honest I fully intend to have one at last.
    I must agree with all the comments about how smooth they are.
    The ORDNANCE QF 18 pounder Field Gun......I wonder if they will let me have one of these on an open ticket

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