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    New forum member


    I am new to the forum and two seasons new to stalking. I am based in Oxford and do my stalking near Newbury where we have Roe, Muntjac and the occasional Fallow.

    I am looking forward to using the forum for sharing experiences, learning from the advice of other members and also, hopefully, as a place to buy some of the items I still need.


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    welcome to the site lots of freindly people on hand


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    Welcome - I live between Oxford & Swindon and also stalk around Newbury, so familiar turf I think!

    Enjoy the site, there's a lot of good information to be gained and shared.


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    Hi Neal

    You must be pretty close to me I'm based in Farmoor!

    Welcome to SD.


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    Thanks for the welcome

    Sorry guys for not responding sooner,

    I have been so busy reading other parts of the site that I never checked back to my introduction.

    I am struck by the help that more experienced stalkers give others across the site as some of the questions come up so regularly you would think they would get burn't out!

    The difference of opinions expressed on calibres is fascinating as in a one on one conversation with someone you only tend to get one side of the arguement. This (along with some other research) has decided me on a 6.5 x 55 and my ticket has just been granted verbally so I am just waiting for the license to materialise to start the search / purchase process in earnest.

    I have picked up a mint 8 x 56 Swarovski scope but I think the rifle is could be more tricky as it is not a hugely popular calibre or else people are hanging onto their 6.5s! I think a number of rifle makers don't support the calibre so great value choices like Howas are off the list. The truth is I would love a Blaser in this calibre or something reasonably light, short and inexpensive till I can afford a Blaser! Any ideas here would be appreciated.

    I hope I may get a chance to meet some of you in person in the future


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    I've not been disappointed by my Tikka T3 Stainless synthetic in 6.5x55. Guntrader is your friend! All RFD's will ship a rifle fro about 25 and then the receiving RFD will charge about the same for handling but it extends your purchasing options.


    PS nice scope!

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    Hi Neal,welcome to the site,there are lots of good people on here willing to help.

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    Tikka T3 stainless


    Thanks for the advice; a T3 is on my short possibles list... in fact I am just off to my nearest gun shop to shoulder one and a few other options. Apart from the corrosion resistance is there any other significant advantage with stainless barrels?


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