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Thread: Hornaday 165gr inter bonds

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    Hornaday 165gr inter bonds

    Whats best powder for the head,have tried n140 which wernt so good in my 308,I am restricted on seating depth because I've got to make them fit a aics magazine,also 165gr nos bal tip,cheers swarovski

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    I'm running N-150 behind 165gn Interlocks in a .308. That seems to work well enough.

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    Ive got some n150,will give it a whirl,cheers swarovski

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    42.4 grn Varget works superbly in my .308.

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    I've got some varget aswell ,thanks oldman

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    Varget for the 308 will take some beating!

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    Will load some shortly and report back,will wait for a nice calm day to test

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    Loaded and ready to test,awaiting return of my bolt,sent it back to where I bought it to get it checked out coz I was getting cratered primers,there is a slight chamfer on outside of firing pin hole and hole a fraction off centre,apparently quite normal for a remy 700,I could have a pacific tool replacement what ever that is making it the rolls Royce of bolts,200 plus vat,probably will get it done one day but I will leave for now.

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    I'd start with Varget. capt david

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