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Thread: If Only It Was Deer Legal...

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    If Only It Was Deer Legal...

    Attachment 16430Attachment 16433Some time ago my buddy Oliver purchased a Martine singleshot in .22 Jet. mde by the late Derrick Fern. What a sweet thing it was lovelyto shoot. Often took it to Offers Dyke and shot at 300 yrd.
    I’ve been looking for an age to fine something similar at ChristmasI bought a little centre fire from Holts Auctioneers in a sealed bid for thesmall sum of £150.00. It wasn’t till I paid for it the trouble started.
    First there was the calibre .22 K Hornet there’s no readyavailable ammo. Then there the fac trying to explain to them I need to holdHornet ammo so I can fire form the case as well as K Hornet I intended to load.It would not shoot if I pointed at my foot the odds of missing were very high. That’sbad. Bought 50 rounds of 32 gr Remmington factory loads for the brass, had toremortgage the house.
    Now everything is good, I own an early Stevens Drop Block rebarrelled in .22 K Hornet shooting a .223, 40gr bullet.
    Wow what a cracking little rifle it is on small vermin tofoxes. It came with an old 3x Pecar scope. Perfect out the window of the van ora light rifle to walk around the farm with.
    I know the bullets light and its properly not overly fastbut the rifle weighs in at 4lb with no recoil, not very loud but deadly in theright hands.
    So the other day I finished butchering a bison, the dog andI nipped up the road to have a walk.
    Just got out and saw a munty walking along the hedge.Grabbed a rifle over the gate and in for a stalk. So excited Ive only ever shotone munty before and never found it. This was an honour, heart was pounding,sweaty palms and it was a buck. Crept in behind a mount within 100 yrds slippeda round into the chamber and then only then...
    I realised .22 K Hornet is
    ………..NOT DEER LEGAL ………………BUMMER!
    I have found its down side
    Sat and watch for a while then skulked off home. Next timeMunty Next Time.


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    How did you explain that to Rupert!

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