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Thread: removing front sight

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    removing front sight

    any ideas how to remove the front sight if it's installed with a barrel band type fixture rather than drill-tapped?

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    What rifle is this on?

    Most are sweated on (soldered) but some have a retaining screw under the fore sight blade so you had better check under ths blade to make sure.

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    it's on an old .22LR I have that I want to have screw cut for a PH mod. My normal BRNO Mod 2 LR wears a PH mod and it's perfectly fine, my other old .22LR is a banger that just needs a bit of TLC, but it needs shortening and a MOD to use it for what I have in mind.

    it wears a front sight ramp that's got a barrel band type fixture, no screws. I'm wondering if it's soldered on, and weather heating the barrel/band over a propane torch, then knocking it will get it moving ...could ask the 'smith' but rather do it myself tbh. if it goes bad it's no big deal on this particular rifle.

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    Angle grinder ? Oxy/acetylene torch ?
    Actually, joking aside, whilst in my local gunshop I saw a brand new Heym, straight from the distributor, which looked like an angle grinder had been used to grind off the front and rear sights. Needless to say it went straight back !

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    Well heating enough to melt solder will ruin any blueing but not damage the barrel. I unsoldered the rear sight base and fore sight from my sporterised Swedish Mauser then cleaned them up and cold blued for now until a proper job can be done at some point in the future.

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    If it needs shortening why remove the foresight? just have the barrel shortened and screwcut and leave the foresight atatched to the offcut.

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    ;-) I know,,but shortening will be dealt with later, and is still a 'maybe'...also, I may wish to reinstall the front sight set back 'behind' the screw cut area

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