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Thread: I know I'm on here a lot!! but?

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    I know I'm on here a lot!! but?

    What happened to the SD shop?.................... said in cartoon mode "Where de go floyd?"
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    We should have a poll as to whether to restore it or not
    Below is a link to my website.
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    Your rifles and optics must be covered in dust now you are fully fledged cyber stalker!time to do cdsc1 coarse

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    Well its still there in a fashion, but our supplier stuck the prices up!! It is something we need to sort out and I will hand that one over to JAYB its called passing the buck!! excuse the pun.
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    I just don't have the time to deal with it just now there is a lot of messing about involved with it, especially for Alex as it is him who has to sort out all the technical bit and pieces. It is slightly more complicated than just saying lets do it. Of course we could charge for the time and effort it takes to do, but that would mean having to run the site 100% commercially complete with a severe increase in advertising rates. So all in all we will leave things as they are and get around to it when time allows.

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