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Thread: Best way to cut

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    Best way to cut

    Whats the best way to cut a Head without a jig. A tenor saw is the saw of choice Im told but to be honest Im not sure how to and Im a tad worried I will wreck the head...


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    Have you already boiled it out? If you have it will be very brittle!

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    Best thing to do is cut it before you boil it, but if you have keep it full skull, which you should always do if you are getting it measured, then want to mount it on a shield it needs to be cut.
    Tenon saw is good or any fine tooth saw, will take longer but will give a better cut, I usually lie it side on, on an old towel to stop it sliding about, once you get it started it cuts quite easily, just need to try and keep it straight!!

    Good luck


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    put it on a flat surface , tape a pencil on top of a block of wood and draw a line around the skull , should be level then shouldnt it

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    Cheers for the input lads.


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