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Thread: "Pig jaw" in roe deer

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    "Pig jaw" in roe deer

    Yesterday morning I shot a roe, when I went to gralloch it I noticed that the lower jaw was abnormal, in livestock it is termed pig jaw , the lower jaw is too short, as you can see from the photos it is about an inch short. When I skinned the head there was no evidence of bone damage, body condition seemed fine, the only thing I would say was the antlers where a bit spindly. I suppose a good one to take out with the rut around the corner. I can not say I have see nanother deer showing this trait.
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    Seen this in horses called parrot mouth and as horse aged required considerable dental treatment as the alignment of cheek teeth lead to points developing on the back of last molar on bottom and front of first on top jaws.Years ago Hunter Improvement Examination would consider this hereditary.In dogs undershot,if lower jaw too long overshot. As Roe are predominantly browsers would have marginal effect on feeding as the dental pad in top jaw is quite large.Would be quite interesting to have seen the alignment of the cheek teeth as could have lead to trouble in rumination later in life.
    Stalkers keep observations of abnormalities posted as more information for members makes deer management easier to put over against idiot organisations and antis.

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    I will post some photos of the teeth alignment when I have the skull cleaned up a bit. If this is hereditary a good one to remove.

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