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Thread: recomended scope.

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    recomended scope.

    Take a look at the range of scopes from IOR marketed by border barrels. I have not long had the 6X42 for my stalking requirements.
    Very clear and very impresive rectical. Have been out on several morning and evening stalks and scope performs very well,
    Plenty of other scopes out there and every one has there choice but for the money worth a look.

    Page 45 sporting rifle april 09 issue.

    ps Not an add for Border as I got my scope from someone else.

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    Hi Venison i have been looking at the 4-14x 50 but not sure if I like the m8 reticle. Problem is no where other than Border Barrels stock them so you cant go and have a look through them and at over 700 Notes it a lottle pricey if I'm not happy. Also do you mind me asking where you got yours from

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    IOR scope

    Monty you have a pm

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