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Thread: Peli Case Foam

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    Peli Case Foam

    Managed to bag myslef a peli 1750 for 15 ....I need the foam for it, does anyone know of a good supplier and also I dont want ot go to the HUGE cost of getting it CNC cut , hence is the egg shell stuff ok?



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    Hi Pete,
    This is the company I used but not the egg shell.
    I used ordinary foam sheets and cut the shape myself with a knife.
    I ordered four sheets, one for the bottom, one for the top and one for the middle which I used to cut the shape and the spare sheet as a back up to be used to cut a different profile if I used the case for a different rifle at a later date, (or if I mucked up the first profile !!)
    They are cheap and quick.

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    Hi Edi

    Thanks for the reply, I shall look them up as if their foam is good enough for the likes of that lovely 308 you showed me when we met, it will be good enough for my rifles for sure.



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    As Ed says i bought a peli case on ebay and got the foam cut to size by efoam to fit.
    iirc it was 22 for 3 pieces


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