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Thread: Mannlicher Stutzen - wanted.

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    Mannlicher Stutzen - wanted.

    Hi Guys - looking for a Mannlicher Stutzen in either .243 or .308 - have you got one in your cabinet your not using or seen a decent one on your travels ?

    ATB Dave.

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    Hi Falcodave,

    I have a very nice take down version in 6.5 x 54 and know a man with lots of brand new barrels from the original factory !

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    Hi Falco, Rugby gun shop have got one in . It is a .243. If you look on their Web site they have a couple of photos. 895.

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    Hi we have a .243 Steyr Mannlicher in good condition.We had it from nearly new it had only fired 50 shots when I bought it. Probably only fired 500 in total.

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    Thanks for the pm's Guys - anyone else ?

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    I saw a Steyr-Mannlicher Stutzen in the Holt's auction preview yesterday in .30-06 (lot 1117), in perfectly good condition. It's just confirmed that I just prefer them to everything else and that's what I'll buy when I receive my ticket, only in 7mm08.

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