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Thread: GSG-5 H&K MP5 Clone .22 LR

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    GSG-5 H&K MP5 Clone .22 LR

    Just had a friend pop in with is new GSG-5 H&K MP5 Clone .22 LR. My question is when he took the butt stock off it was about 500mm is it legal. The butt stock is only held in place by a push pin.

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    I believe there was some concern by one of the police forces when they first came in about OAL should be 24", but i think that it was all resolved. The rifle is intended to have a solid stock so its legal. taking the stock off for maintenace etc isn't a problem but If you start using it as a type of pistol under 24" then it would be section 5.

    The versions with a folding stock have the fake suppressor fitted to make the OAL 24" when folded.

    Same problem could be encountered with a ruger 10/22. You cant fit a folding stock if you have a 12" barrel as i think it comes in a little short.

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