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Thread: Bridle leather slip lead and belt

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    Bridle leather slip lead and belt

    Just finished mink oiling these two, they are ready to go.

    Bridle leather Inch and a half belt, solid brass buckle and sheet loop retainer. Will fit 33 - 40 waist but I'd recommend 34 - 38 for a good fit.

    I keep hearing (reading) of people wanting a solid, hard wearing leather belt. I believe this is it. I wear mine everyday and I love it, after about 18 months wear it is starting to get a bit softer.

    I'd like 32 all in for this, that's to your door.

    1/2 inch wide dog lead, same materials with solid brass cast loop, again riveted with a double lock - this won't move with any tension on the lead so won't move up and down like the irritating one I have on my nylon slip lead (soon to be replaced by one of these).

    I'd like 20 for this please, to your door.

    I have just ordered another sheet of bridle leather for an eye watering sum, but it's worth it, want anything else, just ask.

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    I got the lead...

    It is fantastic, and if the belt would fit, I would have got that too. I have asked for 2 more leads, so can not say much more. Many thanks.

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    Just the belt left.

    If whoever buys it doesn't like it - send it back for a full refund, including post to you. Just cover return postage.

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    Make some slings !?

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    I just have, Wiltshire boy has taken delivery of his.

    Give me a wek or two to finalise mt stock for up North and I'll start.

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    Sorry Bongo, you were beaten to it, I've sent you a pm. This is SOLD. Thanks chaps

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    Hi richard
    Got my belt thanks, yet again another quality piece of kit.
    Il have another one please when your ready, no rush though. il get you some pennys sorted out now.
    Thanks again.

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    Cheers Mat, I'll start on your when the leather arrives.


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    Belt turned up today, I predict it will last at least my lifetime!

    Looks top quality

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