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Thread: Some shotgun help please.

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    Some shotgun help please.

    Having just agreed to join a small local shoot of mostly pheasant but with a few duck, I need to buy myself a shotgun as my current one no longer fits me and id be as well just shouting bang at the birds!

    My limited budget will stretch to 650 max so what recommendations do you have make and model?

    Only conditions are I want a 12 bore, over and under that's an ejector with a single trigger.

    Looking on the guntrader website Bettinsoli, miroku, browning, winchester and beretta seem to be in the range.


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    Personally, I'd get the other gun fitted to me but if set on buying another 12g then just go shopping and try out everything in your price range. You'll know the gun you want when you mount it but remember fit is more important than name.

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    Get on down to the gun shop and shoulder a few. Spend some time handling, handling then handling some more, if the shop staff are worth they`re salt they`ll see you right.
    Just keep an open mind as to make and model.
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    Make does not really bother me im not a snob in that sense as long as i can shoot it and its reliable thats all I need. Im just looking to get some suggestions together before I phone round the gun shops to see whats on offer.

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    Value for money wise a winchester 101 would be my first choice solid dependable and if you shop around you will get a good one for that kind of money.
    I have one at the back of my cabinet that is used all through the season and has only needed a firing pin spring in 30yrs and still tight.
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    If you stick to Browning, Beretta and Miroku you will not go far wrong and some one will always want it off you. Spending some money on fitting is the most important thing as well as practice,practice and practice !

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    Hi David,
    I have two 101's one with fixed chokes (my everyday gun) and one a diamond model with multi cokes which I never use, I bought this approx 7 years ago and is cluttering my cabinet up if you are travelling through yorkshie anytime.
    I paid more than your max price, but accept that figure if it suit's you?
    Find the right one asks to try some of your fellow shooters guns to find out which model, length of barrel Etc! keep looking on here!
    Cheers Bill

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    Shame you are so far away, I have a Browning 325 that might have suited your needs, and given you some change too. For what it's worth, my wife has been through a few guns and shoots perhaps 10,000 cartridges a year through her gun. First gun was a Winchester which was reliable but didn't suit her build too well. The Browning was great, but slightly heavier and less refined. It stayed tight after a couple of years of hard service. The Beretta she has now is loose as a tarts drawers after the same length of time. The forend rattles and the trigger works loose on it's rail from time to time. It's also a b****rd to clean. After a good soak with a cleaner I have scrubbed each barrel 100 strokes with a bronze mop and it's still dirty. Beretta talk about over bored tubes, as if they are a good thing! It causes the wad to melt onto the barrel wall as the hot gases leak up between it and the over sized tube. Needless to say, Mrs Buckup loves it and can see no fault in it. Perhaps I should let her clean it more often.

    On another note, my boy worked for a while at Purdey's. Most, if not all the gunsmiths there shot Miroku's, now that says it all to me. The Brownings in the main come out of the Miroku factory*, so you can expect the same quality build from either. *The much more expensive Browning models still come from Belgium I understand.

    Just my ten penneth,
    enjoy the choosing process,

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    Hi David try a good clay shooting ground like Tom youngs continental shooting supplies .

    try the demo guns & check out the gun rack to see what fits you. I have a bettinsoli o/u multi choke which I have uesd for 20 year with out a problem
    www.continental shooting supplies

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